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At just 5 years old, Lindsay M. Orsini started learning songs by ear. Starting from video game series The Legend of Zelda to animated movies by Studio Ghibli, her love of soundtracks was vast, and she would grow to become a composer and strive to create lovely melodies for new generations to come. 

Once graduating high school, she proceeded to go into composition and sound design by attending Full Sail University, soon obtaining her Audio Production Degree. From there, Lindsay worked at a Swiss Technology Firm that focused heavily on Virtual Reality development. She also attended Game Developers Conference to help exhibit the game they created. 

Lindsay composed an album dedicated to relaxation, and named it Winter. In doing so, she found a new love for atmospheric music- which eventually led her to enter the world of sound design. 

Able to compose in multiple genres, Lindsay’s main composition preferences are somber and epic orchestral pieces. She’s very easy going, timely, and flexible. She will work towards what your vision is.

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Epic Orchestral

Though mainly creating quiet pieces, Lindsay is also capable of making an epic arrangement with as much feeling as a emotional piece.



by Lindsay M. Orsini

Available on bandcamp.



by Lindsay M. Orsini

Available on bandcamp.

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Burning Bridges VR Soundtrack

by Lindsay M. Orsini

Available on bandcamp.


Voice Demo



Lindsay M. Orsini

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